Here’s how to get a 20 minute paint job done in 10 minutes!  Use a smart roller that holds enough paint to cover a 9ft x 8ft wall.

The smart roller sucks the paint out of a paint can and into the roller handle.  It then delivers the paint to the roller as you cover the wall with paint.

Wagner has two kinds of smart rollers for painting walls.  The first is manual.  You squeeze a lever on the handle to load paint into the roller.  That’s model # 0530003 which retails for around $22.00.

Wagner-0530003 Smart Roller-
  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Power trigger for controlled paint delivery and fewer trips to the paint can
  • Extended reach reduces need for ladders
  • For use with Oil and Latex (water-based) coatings
  • Plastic handle has an integrated paint reservoir that eliminates need for paint tray
  • Polyester knit roller cover is compatible with water-based and oil-based paints and stains
  • Internally fed 9-Inch x 3/8-Inch roller provides continuous, even paint coverage


Wagner 0530004 battery-Smart Flow RollerThe second Wagner smart roller is powered and requires 4 – AA batteries.  It’s model #0530004 Smart Flow Roller and it retails for about $40.00.  The power unit allows you to push a button to load paint into the roller.  The power unit can also be used to suck paint from the can and load the handle.

  • 22 fl. Oz. Paint capacity covers up to 70 sq. Ft. In one fill
  • Power button for forward and reverse paint flow
  • Spatter shield, standard and square lid and fill tube for less mess
  • Quick-Touch Motor Control for smooth continuous paint flow
  • Handle with built-in paint reservoir holds up to 22 fl. Oz. to paint up to 70 sp.-Feet in one fill
  • Extended reach reduces the need for ladders

Before You Buy …

Read the reviews and operating instructions for these paint rollers BEFORE you paint.  They come with packets of petroleum jelly that are used to lubricate the o-rings that keep the roller and handle from leaking paint.  If the o-rings get dry, paint can squirt past them and then it gets all over your hands and the floor.


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