ESV Bibles

The English Standard Version Bible is an almost literal translation, with word-for-word accuracy and literary excellence.  If was first published in 2001 and is built on over 100 evangelical Christian scholars and pastors worldwide who are committed to the truth, authority and application of the Bible to all of life.  The ESV carries on the legacy first established by the Tyndale New Testament written in 1526, and the King James Version Bible authored in 1611.



NIV Bibles

The NIV translation began in 1955 as a dream for a Bible that could connect with the non-Christian reader and would replace the 17th century wording of the King James Version with a scholarly translation that was true to meaning of the Word, accurate in its interpretation and meaning and accepted by evangelical scholars.

In 1978 Biblica published NIV, whose one-million first-run printing was sold out before the run was finished.