How It Works

Shopping cart iconEveryday Fellowship is a 501c3 non-profit Christian Church.  Like every other entity on the planet, it takes money to run the church and keep it healthy.  We keep our expenses as low as possible, and use the bulk of our tithes to cover rent, expenses and funding for our missionaries and local outreach efforts.

As a small church, we have to think “outside the box” for ways to generate additional revenue to support our missionaries and local efforts.  This web site would be considered “outside-the-box”, and is a foray into a more mainstream approach to marketing by providing a service to our members.

Review IconWhat we do is provide listings and reviews of products available on and other shopping web sites.  In exchange for marketing these products, the vendors (Amazon, PopShops, Zappos, Walmart, etc.) pay the church an advertising fee anytime you purchase a product through one of the links on this web site. 

That’s why it is important that you start any online purchases from our web site.  That way, if you are shopping at a supported vendor, the church will get credit for your purchases.

Note that purchasing through our web site does not affect your pricing.  You won’t get a discount and the prices won’t increase.  There’s also no change in shipping charges.  You simply give the church a chance to receive ad revenue, and we appreciate that.

Amazon and most major online retailers track your web site usage using cookies, which are small text files that the browser writes in one of its directories to keep track of the web sites and pages you have visited.  Cookies are harmless and give online retailers a way to track your interests, the products you have viewed and the items you’ve put in your shopping cart.  Every browser has a way to delete cookies, which is usually a menu pick in the settings screens.  Unless you are having issues with your browser or computer, you would not normally delete your cookies.

The information on product ID and the referring web site (us) are coded into the links for each product we display.  When you click on a buy link, the information in the link tells Amazon the product ID and the referring web site ID.  That’s how Amazon knows who to give the advertising fees to.  As long as you click a product link (“buy link”) on our web site, you’ll be taken to and the church will receive an advertising fee on any product you purchase during that shopping session.  (That’s why it’s important to start your shopping here, with us.)

You Can Try It Here:

Enter anything you want to find on  Beer steins, cookie cutters, salad tongs, channel locks, zebra slippers, face cream, diamond earrings.  Put your search term in the box below where is says “Apple Watches” and hit “Go”.  Down Arrow